Michigan Hops


Empire Hops Farm is owned by Dan and Alex Wiesen.  Alex is the Operations Manager at MI Local Hops in Williamsburg, MI, which manages over 200 acres.  Dan manages the hop yards in the Empire-Benzie County area, which totaled around 185 acres in 2017.

Alex Wiesen is a graduate of Montana State University.  He is the Operations Manager at MI Local Hops in Williamsburg, MI.  Alex has been growing and processing hops for over 8 years now.  Alex is currently the Vice President of the Hop Growers of Michigan Board of Directors.

Dan Wiesen is a graduate of Michigan State University in 1977 with an Agricultural Degree.  Dan has been involved in agriculture his whole life.  Dan is also a partner in Empire Orchards, growing high density fresh market apples.  Dan is a board member of Hop Growers of America.  He has also spoken at many Hop Grower meetings in several states, and at the National Hop Grower Convention.

Nick Florip is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, MI.  Nick is responsible for trellis quotes and design.  He is also the HR person for Empire Hops.  Nick deals with all of the scheduling for employees and trellis builds.  He has been with Empire Hops Farms since 2015.