Michigan Hops


Empire Hop Farms was one of the first commercial hop fields in the state of Michigan.  We just experienced our 10th harvest.  Along the way, we have adapted growing practices that fit well in our region and growing environment.  This knowledge has helped us in assisting the development of a number of large farms that now total nearly 400 acres.

Empire Hops has been one of the leading organizations in creating systems and supplying support and materials to the Hop Industry.  Empire has built over 400 acres of trellis in the last 5 years, and has developed a trellis system that is completely dependable and strong.  We can quote the job from trellis building, irrigation, plants, and planting, for a complete, turnkey process.

Empire Hops has its own greenhouses with the ability to grow 120 acres of plants.  We began this venture in order to assure quality, disease free plants.  We have an extensive list of public varieties to offer.  Most places in Michigan benefit from growing plants, but areas farther south can use rhizomes.  We also offer an extensive menu of rhizomes that will be freshly dug, and shipped directly to your farm.

Empire Hops Farm is also the statewide distributor for GanTec products.  GanTec is a plant-based spray adjuvant developed from plants that have evolved, and thrived in extremely harsh environments.  These plants provide terpenoid compounds that enable other plants to better manage stress and increases their ability to thrive.  Empire has tested this product for the last three years, and has been very impressed with the results we have witnessed.  Please let us know if you are interested, and we can discuss the costs and benefits of these products.